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Here are the questions we are most frequently being asked about Omnichord repairs and other things we do.

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  • Repair Costs to fix an Omnichord?
    Typical Omnichord Repair Cost: ◻️ $200-$300 total (includes parts, labor, return shipping/handling) ✔️ All models including Q-Chord Additional Mail-In Repair Details: 🌧️ $50 fee for severe corrosion damage repairs (additional labor) 📦 Customer pays initial shipping cost to Shoreview, MN 55126
  • Care and Handling of your Omnichord
    Here are some helpful hints to keep your Omnichord working for a long time to come! All Models: #1 RULE - Remove batteries when not in use for more than 1 month. This will help prevent the ever too common acid leak, which can destroy your Omnichord permanently. Use only 12VDC (- tip) power supplies rated to at least 600 mA for best results Unplug the DC adapter when not using to avoid accidently damaging the DC jack. One foot step onto this cord/jack mating area can lift the DC jack off the PCB, causing a no power condition. Do not plug into your car cigarette lighter adapter! This socket provides unregulated power that could damage the electronics. Wipe strum plate with clean cloth. Do not use isopropanol alcohol, nail cleaner or other solvents or the finish may be damaged. Tune your Omnichord to Cmaj using a known-good tuning source such as an in-tune piano, guitar or tuning key. Use a plastic screwdriver to avoid magnetic interaction with the tuning device for best results. Review the owners manuals for your model. The OM-84 memory section is quite difficult to figure out without it. If you get a continuous beeping sound for instance, the manual will tell you how to clear the full memory condition causing this error noise. Owners Manuals available here (free): Play more complex chords on the OM-84, OM-100, OM-150, OM-200m, OM-250m and OM-300 by pressing down multiple keyboard keys simultaneously. Experiment and find some new chords to add to your songs! The "m" in OM-200m and OM-250m stands for MIDI enabled. You can control external instruments using this feature which is unique to these models and the OM-300 only!
  • Omnichord Help - No Power
    1) Do Not Use + tip DC supplies, they will damage the Omnichord! 2) If battery contacts are corroded, try using external 12VDC (-tip) adapter instead. 3) If external 12VDC (-tip) adapter doesn't power unit on, try C batteries instead. 4) If using C batteries, replace with brand new ones and try again. 5) Check the DC Jack for cracked solder joints on PCB. 6) Check the PCBs for corrosion damage, do not attempt to clean up it only makes repair more difficult. 7) Inquire with Notch Audio LLC at for all other issues or corrosion damage advice.
  • Will you buy (or trade-in) my broken Omnichord?
    Yes! We buy limited quantities of non-functioning Omnichords of various models for repair and resale or for parts. Contact us at and let's see if we can work something out. Thanks!
  • How does a Mail-In Repair work?
    1) Inquire about repair item via Include item description, model number and type of problem needing repair. 2) Notch Audio LLC provides a cost and time estimate for work to be performed. 3) Customer pays for shipping item to Notch Audio LLC in Shoreview, MN 55126. 4) Any complex repair requiring additional costs are estimated before the work is performed. 5) Once repairs are completed an invoice will be sent with payment information. 6) Item is returned to customer once payment is received. 7) There is a 30 day warranty on all repairs unless otherwise stated.
  • What are your repair rates?
    Omnichord Repair Flat Rates: - $200-$300 total (includes parts, labor, return shipping/handling) - Customer pays shipping to Shoreview, MN 55126 - Additional charge for corrosion damage repairs Pedal Repair - Email for an estimate - Customer pays initial shipping to Notch Audio LLC in Shoreview, MN 55126 - Return shipping/handling fees apply Keyboard/Synth Repair - Email for an estimate - Customer Drop-Off Only (local) - Turnaround times longer for keyboards/synths Other Items We Do Repair Occasionaly: - Amps, Turntables - Ask! Items We Don't Repair at this time: - Vacuum Tube Amplifiers - Power Amplifiers - Microphones
  • What is the Warranty policy?
    30 day warranty on all repair work unless otherwise specified
  • Where is your shop located?
    We are located near Rice Creek Regional Trail in Shoreview, MN. We currently do mail-in repairs only, no customer facing location is available at this time. Maybe one day though! Contact us at for more information or other questions.
  • Are you qualified to repair my gear?
    Your gear is in good hands. Nick is a degreed electronics tech that has 20+ years of experience repairing and testing various electronics at the component level using common electronic bench equipment. He has worked on products ranging from the original Motorola Razor flip-phone to modern medical devices for various professional companies. He is also a musician and can play the gear repaired. Notch Audio LLC is heavily influenced by this background, especially the experience of bringing customer's cellular devices back from and retrieving their assumed lost photos and contacts. There is something satisfying about this aspect of repair and customer satisfaction that we find particularly appealing. Your gear is fixed using professional equipment such as microscopes, industry standard solder and rework stations, power supplies, waveform generators, oscilloscopes, precision hand tools and a large parts archive and database for our specialty items. Parts are sourced from industry standard companies where possible or popular internet vendors where vintage, custom or hard to find parts are needed. If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to contact us at: Thanks!
  • What is your turnaround time?
    Turnaround time is typically 4-8 weeks or sooner.
  • Do you repair surface mount PCB gear?
    Usually not but contact us for information on your specific gear.
  • Used Gear Return Policy
    All used gear is sold as-is unless otherwise stated. Issues or large cosmetic defects will be highlighted in the listing so there are no surprises. If you receive an item that is not as described, please let us know so we can assist.
  • Why buy Used Gear from Notch Audio LLC?
    Used gear sold from Notch Audio LLC has been inspected, repaired if needed and sold as close to fully functional as economically feasible. You can expect a better used gear purchase outcome than your typical pawn shop, thrift store or online marketplace item with an unknown history. If you have any questions about an item for sale, please reach out to and we'd be happy to answer them.
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