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We have been repairing all models of Omnichords since 2019.  Repairs are performed on the original equipment to the component level with no board swapping.

We stock the various parts and components needed to complete most repairs on the OM-27, OM-36, OM-84, OM-100, OM-150, OM-200m, OM-250m & OM-300.  All repairs are performed by a skilled technician in a professionally equipped electronics lab and are turned around in short order.  We strive to be the best in customer communication and satisfaction!


For repair prices refer to the FAQ section of this website or send an email to:

Effects Pedals

We focus on Effects Pedals utilizing through-hole components but please inquire with your particular pedal repair needs.  

Through-hole components continue to be cherished in the boutique pedal market but were largely used on major brand effects units generally built before 2006 (EHX) / 2017 (Boss).

Notch Audio is equipped to service these pedals from most makers.  We'd be happy to get anything built from the 1960s to the end of this legacy technology working right for you today!


Synths / Keyboards

Mostly catering to customers in the Twin Cities, Notch Audio has fixed many popular keyboards big and small including Yamaha, Roland, Farfisa and Korg.

We also occasionally circuit bend items and offer them up for sale.  Our bends are unique and do not follow any guides or forum entries and often include additional, one-of-a-kind, add-on circuits you won't get elsewhere.  

Other Gear

Not sure if we repair something else? 


Shoot us an email and ask!

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