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Need a Repair?
Specializing in Omnichord Repairs

Our Happy Clients

Lisa Coleman (Wendy & Lisa, The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy), P. Andrew Willis (Film Composer), Toshi Kasai (Producer/Engineer - The Melvins, Tool, Matt Cameron), Graveyard Club, Modern Wildlife, Do Not Crush, Liam Kane, Ringside Tonic, Pepe’s House, Tom Laveallee, Matthew Sheehan, Elliott Baygan

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"Nick was very transparent throughout the entire process. My OM-84 was almost completely defunct before i sent it to him. He restored it and showed me via pictures in email what the problem was. It took a little over 3 weeks from send to receive, and my OM-84 is working perfectly! He also gave me great advice on how to keep it functional so it won't need fixing again."

Elliott Baygan 1/28/2024

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